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Anastasia's Pyramid

A female tutor takes a job on an isolated island and discovers the dark secrets behind the family that lives there.
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Abolition of the Senses

A young lighthouse keeper searching for answers about her childhood abduction discovers that the past is haunted by more than just memories.
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The Catacomb

A group of high school students trapped in a catacomb fight for their lives against a cruel and mysterious killer.


descargar sinopsis larga They appear when you get married. If you kill one of them, they kill one of yours; if you don’t kill, they kill you. Marvin learned to deal with them long ago, but now he must find a new way to fight this bloodline curse.

Forbidden Sea

descargar sinopsis larga Two families try to survive a hellish yachting weekend when they become the prey of a huge, mysterious creature which seems to be part of the sea itself.

Her Name Was Beatrice (Short)

descargar sinopsis larga A group of spiritualists meets in a house to contact with the dead daughter of the host. The séance will turn into something much more disturbing than a occult meeting.

La pirámide de Anastasia (Spanish Version)

descargar sinopsis larga Una joven profesora obtiene un empleo en una apartada isla, donde descubrirá los oscuros secretos que esconde la familia que allí habita.

La abolición de los sentidos (Spanish Version)

descargar sinopsis larga Una joven farera víctima de un traumático rapto infantil deberá recomponer su pasado mientras se enfrenta a algo mucho más tenebroso que los recuerdos.

Los últimos días de Graciela Reinhart

descargar sinopsis larga Una mujer amnésica sobrevive en un mundo postapocalíptico mientras se enfrenta a apariciones que parecen encerrar algún misterio sobre su pasado.